Vampire Facelifts: The Source of Everlasting Youth?

Sadly, there is currently no way to stop or reverse the aging process, but there is a variety of cosmetic treatments that can effectively reduce the signs of aging. Facelift is particularly popular among these beauty procedures.

A facelift is basically a surgical procedure which has to do with lifting the skin off the face so as to tighten the drooping muscles beneath and then replace the skin tightly. This procedure helps to make patients look younger by getting rid of wrinkles associated with natural aging and can be extremely painful and costly, even though it is quite effective. However, there is now a new treatment that is radically different. It is referred to as a vampire facelift.
It is common knowledge that vampires never age based on what people have seen in movies and television shows. If you are searching for a way to maintain a youthful looking skin, the Vampire Facelift is a great option for you.

Why the name vampire? It is so called for the reason that the procedure uses blood drawn from the patient. The patient's blood plasma is first extracted and then injected into the part of the skin or face where folds and wrinkles are found, to make the skin look youthful.

What is its level of effectiveness? Because this procedure is still new compared to other cosmetic procedures, the results obtained so far are varied. It cannot be conclusively stated that this procedure is more beneficial than conventional cosmetic procedures like botox and dermal fillers. More info on dermal fillers can be read on B Clinic website. However, the popularity of the procedure seems to be increasing thus something must be good about it.

How does the procedure work? The blood contains some growth factors which help in the repair and rejuvenation of the skin. These growth factors are contained within the blood plasma. About 60ml of the patient's blood will be extracted and spun within a device for approximately ten minutes to separate the plasma from the red blood cells.

What is the cost of getting a treatment? It will cost between one thousand dollars and two thousand five hundred dollars to get a treatment. This may seem too high considering that this procedure is yet to be properly tested.

How long should a patient wait for another Vampire facelift treatment?
After getting the first treatment, it will take about 6 months before a patient will require another treatment.

How safe is it? Several individuals are of the opinion that Vampire facelift treatment offers less risks than complications brought about by taking injections such as botox. This is because the major ingredient will be extracted from the body of the patient. In spite of this, you should be aware that the plasma is mixed with other synthetic ingredients before injecting it into the affected part of the skin.

Why should a patient opt for vampire facelift rather than botox? Opting for vampire facelifts rather than other conventional cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers offers several advantages. To start with, the patient will experience only minor swelling or bruising because the solution is quite thin. In addition, there are little or no side effects and it is a non invasive treatment.

The popularity of these vampire facelift treatments is growing, even though the results are still inconclusive. But before you undergo any cosmetic treatment, you should first speak with a healthcare professional.

Interior Lighting - Tips and Ideas

New homeowners often overlook the design aspects related to lighting, even though it does more in terms of setting the mood of a room than most of the other elements. It is, therefore, important to plan the lighting design for your home with the help of a professional when the construction is going on.


Lighting has to be decided on the basis of the purpose for which the room is going to be used. Some of the aspects that you have to take into consideration are:

Will there be a television, computer or other appliances
Will you read a book, newspaper or magazine when you are inside the room
Whether you will be relaxing in the room or doing tasks such as dressing, studying or cooking
Who will be using the room for a major part of the time

If the main residents of the home are likely to be elderly people, then the lighting should be sufficient for their aging eyes.


Both natural light coming into a room and artificial lights provided can have an impact on the mood of a room and its function. You may have to control the lighting to some extent through various means. For example, the carpets and furniture may lose luster if bright afternoon light falls into a room. Babies may find it difficult to sleep in a room that is too bright. You may have to control the natural light if you want watch a projection or flat screen TV.


There are several types of lighting fixtures that can be used. Ceiling fixtures are used to provide general lighting and focus on the central portion of a room. There are ceiling-mounted single lights, track lights, chandeliers, pendant lights and recessed lights. Once fixed, it is difficult to relocate these lights. Pendant lights help to break the monotony of lighting. Further, they do not eat into valuable space. They also double up as task lights.

You can use lamps to not only provide lighting, but also work as decorative objects. These lights are referred to as ambient lights. Some examples are table lamps, plug-in night lights, spot lights, floor lamps and torchieres. Fixtures such as sconces, cove lights, etc., are fixed to the wall.

Accent lighting helps to highlight a painting or any other object. Spot lights or art lamps can be made use of for this purpose.
To carry out activities such as cutting vegetables, cooking food, reading, etc., you have to make use of task lighting. The lights used for this purpose consist of recessed halogen lights, under-cabinet lights and pendant lights.

Lighting used for decorative purposes includes candles, oil lamps and paper columns.

Factors to be Considered

It is important to use the right kind of bulb with any fixture so that it serves the purpose for which the room is to be used. To give you an example, incandescent bulbs are most often used in lamps. These bulbs are specified in terms of the wattage they consume. In the case of incandescent lamps, 90 percent of the power they consume is radiated as heat. Alternatively, you can use halogen, LED and compact florescent bulbs.

Right Location for Lights

Typically, three levels of lighting are to be provided. Ceiling, recessed and track lighting provide general illumination. For creating drama or mood, you can make use of pendant or wall lights. For decorative effects and for certain tasks such as reading, table or floor lamps can be made use of. Lighting used for enhancing the architecture of the room can be placed anywhere: above a book cabinet, under a plant and over paintings or objects.

New Year, New You! Make or Break's New Year Giveaway

Let's celebrate 2013 with a BANG! I know many of you already have a list of new year resolutions to guide you throughout the year. New goals to achieve, new plans and dreams to bring into reality and a desire to change for the better in order to create a new You. If your list includes self-improvement in the field of beauty and getting physically fit, this post is perfect for you.

Mommy Pehpot, the blogger behind Make or Break, is giving everybody a chance to win over Php10,000 worth of beauty and wellness products. Exciting, right? This giveaway ends on February 22nd and is open to all our Philippine readers!


There will be 3 winners for this giveaway, each one will receive a beauty and wellness product perfect to make a New You this New year!

(photo above is not the complete prizes, just some)

Grand Prize: Make Up Set with Brush + The Spa Purity Facial + Azta Salon MLV hair color and Lycopene treatment + 2000 worth of wellness products from Pascual

2nd Prize: Make up set + The Spa Foot Reflexology + Azta Salon Lycopene Treatment + 1000 worth of wellness products from Pascual

3rd prize: 2 Maybelline Lipstick + The Spa Foot Reflexology + Azta Salon Lycopene Treatment + 1000 worth of wellness products from Pascual

Maternity Leave Extended by 2 Weeks!

I’ve been on Maternity Leave since December 14, 2012 and it’s a lazy season, for me at least.  I was supposed to be getting only a one-month leave with pay, but as I was preparing myself for work last week, I received an email from my Boss saying that he is giving me another two weeks’ extension so I can spend more time exclusively with my family. And boy, am I enjoying my time off! I'll be back to work on February 4th instead of January 15th. Yay!

A lazy season for me means not doing much work and staying offline because and just enjoying long hours of sleep and cuddling with my babies.  So I’m way behind my blogging schedule and posts are not being completed as scheduled. Because of this, I really feel the need for customized planners, one to keep me focused and organized with blogging and another one to keep track of my work schedule and financial activities. Or just a single planner designed specifically for all three purposes, what do you think?

Babypalooza Bazaar at the Walter Hogan Conference Center

Babypalooza Bazaar
Date:  February 16 & 17, 2013
Time: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Venue: Walter Hogan Conference Center, ISO, Ateneo de Manila University, QC campus.
This bazaar focuses on items and services for babies, toddlers and expectant moms. It features both preloved and brand new premium items from widely trusted local and imported brands. Items from Phillips Avent, Vulli (Sophie the Giraffe), Carter’s, Dr. Brown, Calvin Klein, Tiny Buds, Red Tag, Gap, Human Heart Nature, Osh Kosh and tons of other stuff produced by Manila-based mompreneurs and from well-known brands will be sold on-site at negotiable, parent-friendly prices.

Unique shopping experience. Special feature of this bazaar is its Vendor Protection Program (VPP). The VPP ensures that items that will be sold by one Babypalooza vendor will not be sold by another. This will ensure that buyers will not see the same stuff from several vendors over and over again, making their visit and shopping experience much more fun and worthwhile

Items that will be sold are baby clothing, shoes and accessories, gear, strollers/baby furniture, feeding bottles, nursing wear, breast pumps, skin care and cleaning products. Edible products such as organic baby food, pastries, pasta and other food items will be sold on-site. 

Family-friendliness is also another unique feature of this affair, certain areas of the venue will be designated as Special Function areas to further ease the usual hassles that parents face when visiting the average bazaar. Air-conditioned areas will be designated for the following: breastfeeding & diaper changing area, children’s play zone and the Daddy lounge. Clean rest rooms are also just a few steps away from the bazaar stalls for added convenience.

Venue is fully air-conditioned. Free parking and entrance.

List of brands, items and more bazaar information can be found on

Kitchens: A Design for Life

The way we use our kitchens has changed greatly over the past half century to reflect the shifting nature of our work and domestic lives. Creating a kitchen that is fit for purpose has been a concern of kitchen designers and homeowners for years – but how has kitchen design responded to the different purposes we’ve used our kitchens for over the years?

Kitchen designers in the 1950s sought to present their kitchens as standardized, utilitarian visions focused solely on productivity in the preparation and cooking of food. The famous ‘standard kitchen’ – until that point, the extent to which kitchens were furnished with appliances had varied wildly – provided hot and cold tap water, a kitchen sink, a refrigerator and an electric stove.

Even in the 1960s – when new shapes and designs were possible as plastics and other man-made materials became widely adopted – designers focused on the kitchen as a place for cooking.

Although the modern kitchen may retain cooking as its central use, many of the homeowners we spoke to see the kitchen as ‘the heart of [their] home’ – a place for socializing, hosting dinner parties and working from home as much as for food preparation. As an independent kitchen company we’ve found ourselves increasingly designing multi-purpose kitchens.

One of the easiest ways to create a multi-purpose kitchen fit for use in 2013 is a kitchen island. It provides an excellent food preparation area, as well as an ad-hoc bar for the serving of food and drinks. They allow home cooks to interact with guests while preparing food.

Islands can be small or large, and are available in a range of colours and shapes, which can be mixed and matched to create something unique and visually stunning.

U-shaped is another design that is increasingly popular at the moment. With at least three different work surfaces, the shape is ideal for designating different areas for different purposes. For instance, lowering one of these surfaces creates an ideal area to prepare food with younger members of the family.

Many professionals find their kitchen a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the rest of their home, and it is not uncommon for the kitchen to become an ad-hoc workspace. Once again, U-shaped designs are ideal – although if you’re going to be perched on the end of a work surface then you’ll need to make sure that your laptop has access to electrical sockets for when the battery is running down but the emails aren’t! There are a number of recessed, pop-up sockets that are ideal for fitting into a work surface for this purpose.

The kitchen in 2013 is used for different purposes than those of our parents and grandparents. It’s therefore more important than ever to think ahead and be honest about what you may or may not use a kitchen for when planning it. Most kitchens can be adapted after having been built but it is always best – and cheapest – to accommodate this work in the original plan of the kitchen.
Second Nature is a leading independent kitchen company based in the UK. Their expertise has been rewarded with multiple awards from within the kitchen design industry.

Funny Celebrity Costumes

Funny celebrity costumes have been entertaining, and at the same time insulting for some wannabe actors or actresses. Many famous celebrities made a mark with their satirical sense of dressing while other stars missed the hit by a long margin. Some of the famous celebrity costumes that made or did not make a mark:

Image courtesy of
a.) Chris Brown and his ludicrous Gang - The clumsy gang failed to climb the mountain of appreciation when they unthinkably dressed as Osama Bin Laden and the Talibani terrorists for a Halloween party. The buzz became more common when Chris Brown posted the picture on twitter with his creepy gang of friends displaying domestic violence. He stood in the center dressed like Osama, supported a long beard and raised his AK-47 high in the air, pretending to be a proud member of a terrorist organization, which is always at war with America. Undoubtedly, they looked like fools waiting to be thrashed by a group of sensible citizens for acting as hooligans. Their poor taste for a funny Halloween dress was no surprise to viewers because they had been repeating the story again and again. Chris brown surely needs some lessons from Shenae Grimes of 90210 series fame, who has been consistently giving goosebumps to the audience with her remarkable sense of dressing.
Image courtesy of
b.) Jessica Simpson and her sublime husband - Jessica Simpson clearly understands the meaning of funny costumes when she derived her get up from a scene in Braveheart. She dressed perfectly like the Scottish hooker Murron MacClannough along with her husband, Eric Johnson, who portrayed the famous warrior William Wallace. It looked as if the warrior had just returned from the first war of Scottish Independence against King Edward I of England, and the family had come to the Halloween to celebrate his home coming. The warrior carried their poultry attired baby, Maxi, in his arms. It was clear from the picture that they had chosen to hide their child as a dinner meal. Their semi-barbaric humorous attire won them many accolades and it was adjudged the best costume in the respective Halloween party.

Image courtesy of Warnes Bros. Television
c.) The voluptuous Ellen Degeneres - It was a miserable experience for Ellen when she debuted her Halloween dress on a special episode of her show. She was entitled to receive the award of most embarrassing costume ever seen, but something seemed to have happened in between. Probably, she sealed the dress that displayed her major curves from behind, well on time. After lot of research, it was found out that Sofia Vergara was the main stimuli behind Ellen's erotic look. All the extra fat that Ellen had accumulated after years of hard-work was sending 'cheeky' signals to the audience who had nothing, but an embarrassing look on their faces. To everyone's surprise, Sofia found this disgraceful drapery hilarious. One segment of the audience did not take it long to make her the "butt of jokes". However, Sofia had a different perception. She has always been living in the other world when she praised Ellen's intentions to become famous in the industry by displaying her ass in the most bizarre way possible. Unfortunately, Sofia wasn't offended.

This is a guest post by Melissa Davis on behalf of Costume Collection

Guest Post: Setting The Valentine’s Day Mood

Valentine's Day has always been a good occasion for couples to challenge their imagination and prepare a special romantic dinner at home. This calls for a lot of preparation, shopping and a bit of imagination. Setting the right mood and atmosphere might seem challenging but there are a few ways to seal the deal and have a fantastic romantic dinner that only happens once a year. There are tons of supplies specific to this period of the year available but knowing what to pick makes the difference. Red, white and black are the main themes that will create the right kind of atmosphere for all couples that wish to share their feelings and celebrate Valentine's Day. To make sure that things are right, there are five major tips that everyone should follow.

1. Setting The Table

Not only what you put in the plates is important. A properly arranged dinner table for such a special occasion should focus on red, white and black. Solid black or white dinnerware is very popular. Red glasses can be added to complete the color mix. This combination is not set in stone. Some might appreciate the glamour that black and white patterned dinnerware brings.

2. Flowers

There is no romantic dinner if flowers are not used to decorate the room and the table. Roses are excellent for this occasion and just like with the table preparation, white, red and black are the desired colors. Red roses symbolize love while the white ones are considered to be a symbol of purity. To avoid making it look like a cliché, the flowers should be placed in a tight, single-colored vase, preferably white, wrapped with a black ribbon. The color of the ribbon and the vase can be switched depending on how they fit the overall décor of the room.

3. Candles

Almost all romantic movies with a dinner scene have flowers and candles as part of the romantic décor. Candles might seem like a cliché but their effect cannot be denied. The pale light always deepens the romantic atmosphere in the room. The room lights should be dimmed to intensify the effect of candles. The thing with candles is that all colors work just fine, since there are so many great choices online, in stores and nowadays even in malls. As far as scented candles are concerned, one thing is to be considered - scents should be mild and pleasant, so one should keep this in mind when selecting candles for the occasion. Sometimes, the flowers in the room should be enough.

4. Room Decorations

The table might look great but the room must not be neglected. Glass bowls filled with red candy can be placed here and there. As mentioned above, red should be an overall theme across the house which should be easy to accomplish with some pillows, flowers and vases. However, heart shaped objects should be avoided as they tend to leave the impression of poor taste in terms of decorations and a cliché-istic tendency.

5. Paper Decorations

Paper can be used to make decorations for Valentine's Day. Since everyone loves the old black and white love movies, getting some still scenes of couples and printing them can add a touch of style. Personal photos can also be printed in black and white for the same effect. Additionally, presents can have paper tags with love messages written on them.

Personalized Name Badges

Wearing name badges or tags is very important in a business environment. It strengthens communication and aids in cultivating a healthy relationship between the employee and the customer which in turn, gives a positive impact to the company. It is always deemed courteous to refer to a person by name rather than calling them Miss or Mister. Plus, it also creates a friendly but professional atmosphere in the workplace.

Personalized name badges usually contain not only the name of the employee or staff, but also his designation, the company name and its logo. It is definitely one of the most cost-effective branding strategy companies employ by making customers familiar with the company’s image.

There are various materials and designs to choose from, giving you the power and the freedom to customize company name tags according to your needs.

On Airport Advertising and Digichive Philippines

Photo courtesy of
The Philippines is one of the most visited countries in Asia because of its pristine beaches, other tourist hotspots and our cultural heritage. Sure MIAA and most of our local airports with their inadequate facilities and inefficiencies need to improve in order to encourage more tourists to visit the country, but these doesn't necessarily mean that we have the worst airports in the world. In my opinion, here are definitely others who are a lot worse.

Needed Improvements
Like any other airports, MIAA have its shortcomings but since being tagged as the worst airport in 2011, there have been significant and ongoing improvements, especially in its facilities. I think the airport officials and the government took the label as a challenge, which is actually good, since they are now doing rehabilitation and renovations airport-wide. Ongoing constructions include improved toilet facilities, more check-in counters, wider taxiways and plumbing improvements.

Funding Constraints

Constant airport improvements need additional funding, of course. And the airport's operating income is said to be insufficient to fund all the renovations needed. Which is why the present airport management decided to review the advertising contracts which is one of the major source of funding of airports worldwide. And guess what they found out: MIAA receive only 13 Million Pesos yearly for terminals 1, 2 and 3 from a single contractor which is said to be Digichive Philippines.

The Digichive Philippines Issue

According to an article from Inquirer, because MIAA only get a measly 13M income from advertising, which is obviously too little compared to its real worth, they decided to place the advertising contract for re-bidding. As expected, the bidding went higher and in the end won by a different company for P126M. Digichive itself reportedly made a re-bid of P100M a year, a huge leap from its current contract of P13M. But hey, the firm actually do not want to let go of their contract yet, so they filed a case against NAIA and got issued a TRO (courtesy of San Juan RTC) stopping MIAA from awarding the advertising contract to another bidder.

My (Unsolicited) Opinion About This Issue

I agree with the views of the Influential Blogger. Everything is just so hazy and murky on this subject and we need clarification. This Digichive Philippines itself seem to be a secret corporation of sorts, with ingredients that could spark talks of controversies and a lot more issues. And this is actually the first time I heard about them!

In times like this, we acknowledge the need for a transparency and yet we seem to do nothing about it. There should be a clearly-defined rules and regulation on handling advertising contracts and an even clearer documentation on how the revenues are spent.

How interesting annoying. I think we need to delve deeper into the issue and gather more data and information. But this will only happen if MIAA will consent to post the contract they have with Digichive in public. I really hope they do, so this issue can be settled once and for all and the country can move on. Only then we can concentrate and focus on improvement and enhancements our airport desperately needs.

If this doesn't happen, and when all else fails, I only have one suggestion so our airports can achieve a better international reputation: PRIVATIZATION. But this would need a separate post. :)
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