Of Vaccines and Signages

Last Wednesday, we took Kassy to her pediatrician, Dr. Raul Fabricante,  for her second dose of Hepatitis B, and first dose of DTwP/DtaP, OPV/IPV, HiB vaccines. The first dose of Hepa B and BCG were administered in the hospital immediately after birth and by the end of February we'll come back for her Rotavirus Vaccine drops. 

I remember the first time we visited Dr. Fabricante's clinic last month, we had a hard time finding it because of lack of a noticeable signage. Businesses should really employ forms of display advertising and consider
banner printing at printingamerica.com so their products and services can get noticed easily. It should be eye-catching and located in a place where people would have no trouble seeing it.

Kassy is 7 weeks old today. Hooray! She now weighs 5.2kgs. Here's a photo of her on her 7th week.

                                                                           Headbands courtesy of Honey Baby.

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