Simply Be, Clothing for Curvy Women

Hello, year 2013! I must confess, with the new year comes a great need to find new outfits to add to my wardrobe. Why? Because from a measly 43kgs in March 2012, my weight went up to a whopping 62kgs this December 2012. I gave birth last December 14th, baby Kassy weighed 3.3kgs and now after 3 weeks, my belly is still bulging as if I'm 4 months pregnant once again. (62 minus 3.3… Well, you do the math.) Haha.

It’s pretty disappointing when I think about it, especially because I could not fit to tons of my old clothes anymore. Everything's too snug so I'm left with no choice but to shop for new clothes. (Today is actually my husband's friend's wedding but I opted not to attend because I was not able to buy a dress for the occasion.)

Last night while surfing the web and doing some window shopping, I came across Simply Be, a shopping portal that specialize in plus-size clothing for women. The perfect kind of store I'm looking for, one that carry top-notch brands, and high-quality and affordable items.  I spent almost 3 hours on the website and here are five plus-size dresses I have my eyes glued on:

Military Style Jersey Dress - £40.00

Bespoke Bodycon Contour Dress - £65.00
Georgette Beaded Dress - £36.50
Macrami Maxi Dress - £22.50
Glamourosa Dress Voluptuous Fit - £30.50
Aside from clothing items for curvy and plus-size women, Simply Be also offer a wide range of products for all sizes and ages. Accessories, Lingerie, Footwear, Beauty, Sports and Electrical items, they even have a Nursery range and Kids footwear for my babies! Simply Be is indeed a one-stop shop for everybody.

I say gaining weight should not stop you from looking fashionable and fabulous. There are a lot of stores out there that caters to women who belong to this particular size group, like Simply Be.

Check out their website and feast your eyes on stylish pieces that are well within your budget. They actually have an ongoing End of Season Holiday Sale showcasing different items up to 60% OFF.

How about you? Do you have a need for a new wardrobe because of weight gain, too? Perhaps all the holiday feasts made you plumper or curvier than before? Let me know in the comments! Thank you.


  1. I'm sure you're gonna lose that weight soon but for now it helps that there are clothes that helps you cover the excess pounds.

  2. yeey a brand for curvy woman I don't like those brand that only suitable for slim person or individual with a less population lol

  3. Their collection all look great. I will pass this on to my curvy sister, I am sure she'll love this.:)


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