Maternity Leave Extended by 2 Weeks!

I’ve been on Maternity Leave since December 14, 2012 and it’s a lazy season, for me at least.  I was supposed to be getting only a one-month leave with pay, but as I was preparing myself for work last week, I received an email from my Boss saying that he is giving me another two weeks’ extension so I can spend more time exclusively with my family. And boy, am I enjoying my time off! I'll be back to work on February 4th instead of January 15th. Yay!

A lazy season for me means not doing much work and staying offline because and just enjoying long hours of sleep and cuddling with my babies.  So I’m way behind my blogging schedule and posts are not being completed as scheduled. Because of this, I really feel the need for customized planners, one to keep me focused and organized with blogging and another one to keep track of my work schedule and financial activities. Or just a single planner designed specifically for all three purposes, what do you think?

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